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Bradley's Fish

A startup with big ideas received a big boost with our web design, SEO, ecomerce marketing, email marketing and performance marketing support.

  • Bradley’s Fish. needed help with generating web traffic and increase sales in a crowded market
  • We helped them stand out from the competition with a winning e-commerce marketing strategy
  • The brand is now reaping the benefits of a website converting at almost double the industry average

Read on to discover how we increased sales for this exciting startup by almost 225%!


Bradley's Fish

F.R. Bradley (Feltham) Ltd was established in 1946 by Frank Bradley (senior) and his wife Anne, selling jellied eels from their first-ever stall in Sunbury-on-Thames. When they moved to their second location, in Brentford Market, the business really took off and people came from far and wide to buy Bradley’s jellied eels. This success put Bradley’s firmly ‘on the map’ and established a whole new trade around the Middlesex area.

Since the mid-1990s, Bradley’s has been supplying the major high street supermarkets across Great Britain with over 15,000 pots and bowls of our famous jellied eels. Every week we make sure we have a consistent, reliable delivery mechanism and the highest quality products!

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The Results

We have extensive experience in all aspects of ecommerce marketing, achieving results that always exceed our client’s expectations.

eCommerce Revenue Comparison
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Google Adwords Spend Comparison
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225% An increase in web sales
157% An increase in online traffic
225% A remarkable improvement in ROAS
965% An incredible increase in Facebook and PPC ad sales

Building on the brand’s already impressive social media credentials, our e-commerce marketing efforts resulted in significant improvements across the board – more traffic, more sales, increased brand awareness, and a golden future for a small brand with big ideas.


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