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Global Food Corp.

We developed a fully customised subscription model for a food retailer in just two weeks, generating over £100k+ in recurring revenue.

  • We were approached by a global food brand with a pressing need to launch their first ever UK online shop selling canned goods during the COVID-19 crisis
  • We researched, developed, and implemented a new subscriptions model for the brand within just two weeks
  • As a result, the company enjoyed an increase in ecommerce sales of 450% along with a range of other benefits

Read on to find out how we gave this hugely successful project a super-speedy turnaround…


Global Food Corp.

We were approached by a global food retailer at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, as the brand were poised to launch their first ever UK online shop making canned goods accessible to people in self-isolation during the crisis – including an easy-to-use subscription service.


This well-established brand already had a well-functioning website, designed and developed by a partner agency using Shopify Plus. What they didn’t have was the in-house experience required to develop the high-performing online subscriptions service they needed – fast.


We were tasked with designing and building this smart subscriptions module, set within the existing system, that allowed users to easily set up the recurring payments and regular deliveries vital for those in self-isolation, or shielding.


Time was of the essence, as the brand needed to respond quickly to the evolving coronavirus crisis – so we didn’t hesitate to provide fast, expert support.

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We went straight to the heart of the matter, designing, developing and implementing a fully customised subscriptions model built using a carefully chosen existing Shopify app with advanced functionality, in order to speed up the development process.


The first step was to carry out an in-depth review of the existing setup, allowing us to fully understand how a subscriptions service would work within the brand’s current systems. We used this data to create a detailed user and system flow, mapping out exactly how customers would interact with the subscription module, and the steps internal teams would take to fulfil orders.


We made sure that this module was fully integrated with existing product description pages, to ensure that users were able to create and pay for subscriptions of their favourite items quickly and easily.


A user login section was added to the site, allowing visitors to manage and update their subscriptions, deliveries and payments with ease, and integration with the existing payment system and processes allowed for a pain-free user experience.


We also linked the brand’s site to their fulfilment centre and added a range of effective internal tools and processes for super-easy management.


Rigorous testing of the new subscriptions model was completed in a controlled environment, ensuring that everything was working like clockwork, before going live.


Finally, we completed the project by creating a sophisticated admin panel dashboard for full reporting and product management.

The Results

Due to the time-sensitive nature of the project, we were able to complete extensive system research, site development, and rigorous testing and deployment within a period of only two weeks!

The brand enjoyed a range of benefits from their new functionality, including:

450% increase in ecommerce sales in two weeks
47,000 subscriptions within the first month
£100k in monthly recurring revenue

On completion of the project, the company was left with a site that provided a seamless user experience – easy to update and manage, with a range of reporting capabilities to keep them on track with their objectives.


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