Breaking the Concept

Our Approach to Business Development Training

Lead Generation You will be able to generate leads for your website/mobile apps or any It services which you provide from different mediums. Also you will have hands-on experience of each business channel so you know how to generate leads.

Lead Management This is the most important part because you know how to generate leads but you don’t know how to manage 1000 leads per month then you will waste your time which you have invested in lead generation. You will be able to manage every lead that you generate on a single platform so you can track each and every lead.

Lead to Deal To convert leads into sales is important because that is where you get profits. You will learn how to close the deals and with higher margins . You will be able to close the deal without discount. You will learn the documentation part so you can close the deals on your own.

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Industry-leading business development foundation course & training

247 Digital Marketing which is one of the largest IT employers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat - India. The best-in-class business development training is provided by experienced business developers with us. The program is specifically designed for beginners, who seek a promising IT career as a business developer, to provide them with a solid foundation in the business development.
Digital Marketing Training

What will you learn?


- What is Business Development?
- What is Sales / Marketing?
- Build a Mindset / Behavior to Become a BD
- Inbound and Outbound Marketing
- Sales Target and Collection Target
- Understanding of market and How to find a market
- How to get business from Bidding Portals like Upwork, Freelancer, PPH
- How to use Linkedin for lead generation and work on Sales Navigator
- Lead generation funnel vs sales funnel vs Marketing funnels
- Business development strategy


- Sales Process & Sales Models & Sales Pipelines
- B2B & B2C Sales Cycle
- Understand top priorities
- Identifying problems or goals
- NDA Documents / Contract Agreements
- Tips to increase sales ( Cross-selling/Up-selling )
- Tools for daily use to track your sales activity
- Email marketing strategies & Proposal Drafting
- Understanding of Client behavior
- How to communicate & negotiate with your client



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