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Millionaire Beauty

We helped a luxury skincare brand significantly increase their web traffic, sales, and ROAS through data-driven performance marketing.

  • The business was referred to us by an existing client with underperforming paid media campaigns
  • We leveraged the luxury skincare brand’s impressive social media following to raise awareness and boost sales
  • The company enjoyed an increase in sales through paid online advertising of almost 1,000%, along with many other benefits

Find out how we made improvements across the board for this luxury brand, who needed to reach the next level in both visibility and sales.


Millionaire Beauty

The client is a luxury organic skincare brand created by a founder with over 25-years pharmaceutical experience, blending scientific knowledge with natural ingredients to create products that achieve results while taking care of the environment and their customer’s skin.


The brand was referred to us by an existing client in the hope that we could transform their flagging performance marketing campaigns. Devised and managed by a team of freelancers, the company’s efforts so far had failed to produce tangible results or scale effectively.


We stepped in with the knowledge, experience and insight needed to turn things around for this fantastic brand.

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Identifying that they already boasted an impressive social media following, our natural first step was to leverage their existing Facebook and Instagram presence, using video ads to target interest and lookalike audiences.


Using the data gathered from these new campaigns, we were able to introduce value-based lookalikes to significantly increase AOV and ROAS, alongside implementing a carefully crafted Google Shopping campaign, focused on high value items, to push sales and increase visibility across Google’s network.


Finally, Search and DSA campaigns were put in place to capture any users not targeted by the Shopping ads, to create full coverage and ensure every chance of success.

The Results

Over the course of just six months, our performance marketing work with the brand directly resulted in:

226% An increase in web sales
225% A remarkable improvement in ROAS
965% Increase in Facebook and PPC ad sales
129+ An increase in online traffic

Building on the brand’s already impressive social media credentials, our performance marketing efforts resulted in significant improvements across the board – more traffic, more sales, increased brand awareness, and a golden future for a small brand with big ideas.


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