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Developing the Inner You

We helped Developing the Inner You generate a high volume of sign-ups from a conversion optimised landing page.

  • Developing the Inner You came to us in need of a standalone landing page for their brand new online masterclass, fully optimised for conversions
  • Our work on the project resulted in an amazing 4,971% increase in site visitors and a whopping 579% increase in sign-ups within a few weeks
  • We also helped the brand enhance their existing setup, leading to more returning visitors and higher engagement

Read on to find out how we supported this energetic, empowering brand on their journey to improve conversion rates, make more sales, and enjoy an astounding increase in site traffic.


Developing the Inner You

Developing the Inner You run masterclasses in leadership skills, helping both organisations and clients achieve greater success by developing their inner selves. Bursting with positive energy, the brand believes that anything can be achieved through hard-work and self-belief, and assists their clients with networking and empowerment, allowing them to achieve results beyond their expectations.


The brand needed our support with developing a new landing page to generate leads and close sales for their brand new online masterclass.


We were on hand to help this confident, capable company achieve the sales results they deserved, in record time.

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What we Do


Given the short deadline for the project, the focus on conversions, and the need for a range of integrations, we chose Wix as the best platform for the brand’s new landing page.


Using conversion optimisation best practices, we went on to create a detailed wireframe for the landing page, along with showing the client a range of eye-catching and sales-focused designs to choose from.


Next, we built the page and converted it to HTML before linking to the Wix CMS, allowing the client to easily edit and manage the content after our involvement came to an end.  We went on to enable Eventbrite, Wix Customer Management and Ascend live chat, along with a range of other plug-ins, and tested each of these thoroughly in a controlled environment to ensure the page would go live without any glitches.


We also created a number of Wix automations to improve the user experience and minimise admin time.


Finally, we pushed the page live on a dedicated subdomain and linked to the main site via the navigation.


The whole process resulted in the creation of a dedicated landing page optimised for conversions along with a hugely improved user experience across the whole site.

The Results

         Our work with the brand resulted in key benefits that included:

579% increase in sign-ups
4,971% increase in unique visitors
124% increase in returning visitors
61% increase in average session duration

These super-healthy figures were a great starting point for a brand with big ideals and big ideas.


From The Clients

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