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We helped Vitamasques turn around negative ROAS, increase web traffic, and smash sales targets – all in a matter of months.

  • Vitamasques were baffled by their underperforming social media ad campaigns
  • We helped the brand devise and implement a new paid advertising strategy that improved performance from day one
  • The best is yet to come for this exciting skincare brand, who are already building on the results of their new campaigns

Read on to find out how we helped Vitamasques do all of this, and more, in just six months!



Vitamasques is a high performance but accessible beauty brand with a skincare product line made in South Korea and formulated with the latest K-Beauty innovations.


The company was disappointed with the performance of their Facebook and PPC campaigns, all of which had produced negative ROAS and failed to generate a significant level of online sales for the brand.


Disillusioned with the agency they’d previously worked with, Vitamasques wanted to see what we could do – and we didn’t disappoint.

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Examining the brand’s existing strategy, we quickly discovered that customers were predominantly buying single, low-cost items, resulting in low ROAS. Promoting product bundles quickly led to a sharp and sustained increase, in one simple step.


We then shifted focus to carefully crafting a Facebook ads funnel that generated highly relevant traffic to the Vitamasques site, nurturing non-converting product page visitors with a dynamic remarketing campaign further down the sales funnel, to leave no stone unturned.


We also introduced high-quality, high-performing Google Shopping ads to drive relevant traffic and sales directly from Google and, once we’d generated enough conversion data from these, created an intelligent and informed Smart Shopping campaign to increase conversion value further.


To guarantee success from every angle, Search and DSA campaigns were also introduced to mop up any users that evaded the Shopping ads.

The Results

Over the course of just six months, our insights and efforts led to remarkable results for this unique beauty brand.

219% Overall website sales increased
639% ROAS increased from Facebook advertising
1,507% Sales generated via Facebook advertising
479% Web traffic improved

The brand was left with a solid social media and paid advertising strategy generating enviable sales and significantly increased profits – a healthy platform to build on as the brand continues to grow.


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