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Our Approach to Digital Marketing Training

When it comes to digital marketing, nothing stands still for very long. There’s always a new technique, new tool or new algorithm update to be aware of and, for in-house teams and individuals inside businesses, keeping up with it all can be a full time job in itself!
That’s why we offer bespoke digital marketing training to businesses of all sizes, from sole traders right through to multi-national corporations. If you’re looking to improve your digital marketing skills, learn more about the opportunities available to your business or even start your digital marketing journey from scratch, we’re here to help.
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We are a multi-award winning agency with a passion and track record in delivering effective search marketing campaigns.

Our passionate team write for the industry, speak at national and international conferences, and train organisations from startups through public sector organisations. A training day with us will be memorable, engaging and interactive. You’ll be sure to have a long list of takeaways from our team after each session.
We also offer special rates for charitable organisations.
Digital Marketing Training

Training Services

Having developed our own comprehensive internal training programme as well as delivering training for businesses of all shapes and sizes over the years, we’re well placed to work with you on your own bespoke training programme. The following links give you an idea of the areas we can cover as an example; contact us to discuss your own unique requirements.


Sculpting an effective digital marketing strategy means having a solid understanding of all areas of digital marketing and how best to make them work together. We’ll cover digital marketing strategy on a broad basis and hone in on the areas that are most likely to help your business grow.


Search engine optimisation lies at the core of many successful digital marketing strategies. All about helping users find your business when they need it, SEO is part art, part science. We’ll teach you best practice and equip you with the knowledge to take a forward-thinking approach to this ever-evolving discipline.

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Pay per click advertising provide a wealth of opportunities for businesses at all stages of their online growth to build audiences and drive new conversions. The idea is that you should get more money back than you put in, and we’ll teach you how to achieve that across the vast number of platforms now available to you


Digital PR is all about crafting stories and content that help you achieve features in and links from the publications relevant to you and your customers. We’ll teach you how to craft powerful messages for maximum reach, with examples of successful (and non-successful) campaigns for inspiration.


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is all about turning traffic into customers. By encouraging users to take the journey you want them to take, you can drive more sales and better results overall. We’ll teach you how to analyse your website’s conversion rate, where to spot opportunities for improvement and how to run valuable experiments throughout the conversion funnel.


Understanding how your digital marketing is performing means investing in data. For most businesses, this means using a platform like Google Analytics to see how your site is attracting traffic and what that traffic does – spotting opportunities for improvement therein. We’ll show you how to conduct deeper analysis for advanced insight.


FAQ's Digital Marketing Courses

What type of Courses do you provide?

We have different types of courses to offer based on students’ knowledge and requirements. The minimum age limit and course duration vary based on your choice of course. Our best selling course is for 4-month Advanced Digital Marketing.

Is Digital marketing a good career option?

According to, currently there are 1.5Lakh+ Job Opportunities for various positions in the Digital marketing industry. On completion of the course, you’d be eligible to apply for 17+ positions which include positions like Social Media Manager, Ad Specialist, SEO Expert, PPC Manager, Content Marketer, eCommerce Manager, Analyst and much more.

How is it 100% Placement Assistance?

We have a dedicated team for the placement of students. As we have 3 centers in Gujarat only, we have a good number of students who’d love to go for placements. Our HR team will conduct an interview for students for the placements. We, at 247 Digital Marketing provide interview training as well on how to perform well in the interview and how to tackle the nervousness to give your best in an interview. At every stage of recruitment, our team will have your back to support you to crack the interview.

hat’s the Fee?

Smart Question! Connect with us for that.


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