10 Creative Website Design Ideas to Small Business

Website Design idea

Whether you’re building your website from scratch or want to redesign it, it’s hard to build a creative website design that stands out from the competition. With so many businesses going online and trying to create a unique online presence, anyone can feel stuck and out of ideas.

Your website is one of your first contact points with your future customers, and it should give an impression of a professional, trustworthy yet unique and distinctive brand.

Your website helps you to connect with your customers and communicate your main message to them. That’s why it’s so important to carefully think about your design and what impression you make on your customers.

If you’re a bit stuck and don’t know how to make your website look unique and original, we’re here to help you. This list of creative website design ideas will help you find inspiration and create a really outstanding website.


Animation is not a new thing, but it still looks fresh and innovative on corporate websites. Most websites are static and if you use animation, you can make your website more dynamic and interesting which will encourage users to spend more time on it.

Animations can be costly and require more time to create, but they can help a lot in creating a memorable experience for users. Just make sure that you create an animation that is relevant to your brand and communicates your main message. It shouldn’t be a means of distraction. Every element of your design should be justified and have a reason why it’s there.
Look at these websites, and how they use animation to support the main message.


3D elements are another way to make your website look more dynamic and to add some movement. Look how this website uses the 3D model of its product, to showcase its features and the way it works. It’s like looking at the product in real life, and you can even see finer details that you’d miss if you saw it in person.

And the fact that it’s moving while scrolling adds even more depth to the website design.

Creative scrolling encourages users to scroll through the entire website to see what awaits them in the end.

Parallax scrolling is mostly used in gaming website designs, but recently websites from other industries have started implementing it in their designs. And you can do it too. Also, I’d recommend trying horizontal scrolling, if your website content allows you to.

Multimedia Elements

Another way to add some originality to your website is to add multimedia elements. Photos, videos, and background music are elements that can contribute to a more interesting user experience.

The best thing about these elements is that they communicate your message in a more interactive way. Texts are sometimes hard to digest and most people will scroll without reading the text.

Videos and photos have a higher chance of drawing people’s attention. People perceive visuals easier than text information. So, if you can add an interesting video to your homepage, it can help to make your website look more creative.

Unique Typography

If you’re not a designer and haven’t been involved much with design projects, you may not know the real value and importance of fonts. But designers know that fonts have a huge impact on the perception of the brand and website.

Some years ago, as there was no support for serif fonts, designers were mainly using simple sans serif fonts. But now, things are changing and designers can use any font they like both serif and sans serif.

And this is your chance to appear more creative without creating complicated animations or 3D elements, especially if you don’t have the resources for them. Instead, you can focus on choosing a bold and unique font and appear more modern and creative.

Creative typography also adds a unique personality to your brand. You just need to make sure it complements your branding and feels natural on your website.

Black and White Palette

Most of the time simplicity works better than vibrant and colourful styles. In order to be creative, you don’t need to be complex. And monochromatic design style can help you look creative. It’s both simple and sophisticated.

The key to creating a distinctive black-and-white website design is to apply the right effects and styles to it. On this website, you can see bold typography, and a unique structure, combined with black and white minimalist design, making the website look professional, artistic and modern.

Text-Only or Image-Heavy Styles

Most websites use both text and images to balance the composition. Think about what a creative move it would be to use only one of them. By the way, text-only homepages are a huge trend in 2022.

One of the downsides of these styles is that it’s harder to create a balanced website. You need to make sure that without images your website doesn’t look empty or too cluttered.

On this website designers have used black and white colours, bold typography and handwriting styles to create a well-balanced website. It doesn’t look empty or text-heavy.

Image-heavy websites also look very trendy and creative.

Gradient Colors

As a trend, gradients keep coming and going, and recently they have become trendy again. Gradients are mostly used in backgrounds and that’s probably the reason why they don’t appear as a fresh trend. In 2022, it’s trendy to add gradients in places other than your website’s background.

Or you can add it to illustrations and icons to emphasize them more.

Though, if you use the right colours and effects, you can use gradients in the background as well. The trendy palettes are more monochromatic, like in the below example. The designers have used a monochromatic, soft gradient in the background. To make it bolder, they have used unique typography and text animation, which are completely in balance with the background.